The Contributors

Ammar Al Attar

Ammar Al Attar is a photographer and mixed-media artist based in Ajman (UAE). His practice examines aspects of Emirati ritual, material culture, and geographic orientation in a rapidly globalizing society.

Mohamed Elshahed

Mohamed Elshahed is a curator and architectural historian focusing on modernism in Egypt and the Arab World. He is the author of Cairo Since 1900: An Architectural Guide, the first comprehensive survey of Cairo’s modern architecture.

Roberto Fabbri

Roberto Fabbri is an Italian architect, researcher, and professor of adaptive reuse and museum design at University of Monterrey. He has published two books about the work of Max Bill and co-authored the double volume Modern Architecture Kuwait 1949–89.

Farah Fayyad

Farah Fayyad is an independent graphic designer and screen-printer from Beirut. She is currently based in Amsterdam. Her work focuses on Arabic lettering, bilingual publication design, and projects in the cultural field.

Reem Khorshid

Reem Khorshid is an architect and researcher whose work examines architecture and urbanism, specifically reading histories between Egypt and Gulf countries. Her work has been exhibited at Jameel Arts Centre and Tbilisi Architecture Biennial. Her articles have appeared in Platform, Mada Masr, and the Daily News Egypt.

Michael Kubo

Michael Kubo is Assistant Professor and Program Coordinator for Architectural History, Theory, and Criticism at the Gerald D. Hines College of Architecture and Design, University of Houston. He is preparing a book on The Architects Collaborative and the transnational authorship of the architectural corporation after 1945.

Hind Mezaina

Hind Mezaina is an artist, writer, and film programmer from Dubai. Her art practice delves into themes of collective memory, heritage, and the representation of Dubai and the UAE in media.

Mona El-Mousfy

Mona El-Mousfy is an architect and founder of SpaceContinuum, a research-based architecture practice that explores the relationships between space, shared social practices, and socio-cultural conditions. She is presently engaged in various adaptive reuse projects, leading a team of architects at Sharjah Art Foundation and Sharjah Architecture Triennial.

Hammad Nasar

Hammad Nasar is co-curator of British Art Show 9 and Senior Research Fellow at the Paul Mellon Centre, London. He was Head of Research & Programmes at Asia Art Archive, Hong Kong and Executive Director of the Stuart Hall Foundation.

Sultan Sooud Al Qassemi

Sultan Sooud Al Qassemi is a United Arab Emirates–based columnist and researcher on social, political, and cultural affairs in the Arab Gulf States. Sultan at also a lecturer in a number of US universities delivering his class “Politics of Modern Middle Eastern Art.”

Talal Al-Rashoud

Talal Al-Rashoud is an Assistant Professor of modern Arab history at Kuwait University. He specializes in modern ideological movements in the Gulf and their transnational connections, in addition to the history of education in the region.

Todd Reisz

Todd Reisz is an architect and writer. His recent book is Showpiece City: How Architecture Made Dubai.

Abdulla Moaswes

Abdulla Moaswes is a Palestinian researcher from Sharjah focusing on contemporary and historical connections between South and West Asia. He was named the world's foremost scholar of chai karak by the Twitter account of the Centre for Gulf Studies, University of Exeter.

Alia Al-Sabi

Alia Al-Sabi is a curator, writer, and researcher based in Brooklyn. Her practice lives at the intersection of art, architecture, and geopolitics.

K. V. Shamsudheen

K. V. Shamsudheen is the director of Barjeel Geogit Financial Services. Originally from Kerala, he arrived in Sharjah in 1970 and worked nineteen years for local and national governments. He is a founding member and former General Secretary of Indian Association Sharjah and currently Vice Chairman of Indian Business and Professional Council, Sharjah.

Łukasz Stanek

Łukasz Stanek is Senior Lecturer (Associate Professor) at the Manchester School of Architecture, University of Manchester. Stanek authored Henri Lefebvre on Space: Architecture, Urban Research, and the Production of Theory and Architecture in Global Socialism: Eastern Europe, West Africa, and the Middle East in the Cold War.

Suheyla Takesh

Suheyla Takesh is Curator at the Barjeel Art Foundation. She is the co-editor of Taking Shape: Abstraction from the Arab World, 1950s–1980s.

Deepak Unnikrishnan

Deepak Unnikrishnan is a writer from Abu Dhabi. His book Temporary People, a work of fiction about Gulf narratives steeped in Malayalee and South Asian lingo, won the inaugural Restless Books Prize for New Immigrant Writing, the Hindu Prize, and the Moore Prize. He teaches at NYU Abu Dhabi.

Mohamed Gaber

Mohamed Gaber is a multidisciplinary designer and artist from Cairo, currently based in the Netherlands to pursue a master’s degree at Sandberg Institute. He works in various disciplines, including type design, web design, graphic design, live VJing, generative art performance, and sound art.

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